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Why did the author write a book exclusively focused on common American idioms?


Idioms are not covered in regular textbooks. Since idioms are common expressions with a subtle meaning, they can be difficult for a foreign student to understand. Yet there are hundreds of idioms used in daily life. Knowing some of the most common ones will help ESL students better understand American English and speak it more naturally and fluently.


How many American idioms are covered?


Forty-two of the most common American idioms are covered in “lively lessons.” The index at the end of the book lists a total of 105 common idioms and expressions and their meanings.


What level of ESL students are they geared to?


“It’s A Breeze” is written for high school ESL students and adult English language learners, but it can also improve the vocabulary and cultural literacy of high beginning and intermediate English students. Some advanced English language learners may also find new idioms in this collection of popular American idioms.


What type of idioms are they?
How challenging? How varied?


The idioms used in this book are among the most commonly used expressions in America. They progress from easy to difficult and are organized by category: Let’s Get Started, Fun with Food, Body Language, Animal Wisdom, Colorful Language, How’s the Weather, and Where Are You.


How are the lessons structured?


Each “lively lesson” is centered on one specific American idiom, beginning with its usage and meaning, followed by a contextual story, a vocabulary section, a practice portion and questions to engage in conversation.


Do the lessons include other vocabulary words as well? How about exercises?


Yes, each lesson has a vocabulary section of five new words, as well as various exercises.


Is there an index of idioms and expressions?


Yes, there is an “Index of Idioms and Expressions” at the end, which covers 105 commonly used expressions. The highlighted expressions are those featured in the book. 


Does Chimayo Press have any promotions or specials for “It’s A Breeze”?


We currently offer a 50% discount on orders of 20 or more copies when ordering directly through Chimayo Press.

To place a direct order, contact publisher Eric Roth via email:

In what formats is the book available?


You can buy a 6 x 9 hard copy (black and white) for $14.95 or a kindle edition (on Amazon only?) for $7.99.


How can my high beginning and low intermediate English language learners use the book?

This book is ideal for high beginning and low intermediate English language learners. They can study each idiom, practice vocabulary, apply it in conversation and test their knowledge through quizzes. Adult teachers may find it an excellent way to begin classes as a friendly warm up activity.


Can It's a Breeze be used for study?


While some independent English learners will find the book helpful in learning American idioms and can find quiz answers in the end of the book, the book was written for ESL and EFL classrooms. Private tutors have also found it useful in teaching their English students new expressions.


Is the book an appropriate choice for English and ESL tutors teaching online?


Yes, the easy-to-understand, interactive lessons on idioms make this book an excellent choice for tutors, online and in person, as well.  Each self-contained lesson expands the English language learner’s vocabulary.

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