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Front cover of It's A Breeze



  • List Price: $14.95

  • 6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

  • 200 pages, B & W on White paper

  • ISBN-13: 978-1481035422

  • ISBN-10: 1481035428

  • BISAC: Foreign Language Study /

          English as a Second Language


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For individual thematic units:


  • Supplements high beginning and intermediate ESL classes

  • Helps learners develop conversation skills

  • Focuses on a single American English idiom at a time 

  • Teaches 42 common American idioms in context through communicative tasks so students learn and remember

  • Provides a definition and short reading for each idiom

  • Checks comprehension with conversation questions

  • Includes short unit quizzes and writing activities

  • Can be used as an idiom textbook for ESL/EFL classes

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Reviews and Testimonials


"English seems like a crazy language with odd expressions and colorful idioms. Studying idioms helps unlock the language. "It's a Breeze" shows intermediate ELLs how to recognize and use common American idioms,  one and one and  step by step. It's a wonderful way to open ESL classes and adds a fun element to a standardized ESL curriculum."

 – Mark TrestonAuthor, Mastering English as a Second Language: Phrasal Verbs, Prefixes and Suffixes


"[...] As someone who has become interested in teaching English, It's a Breeze is a perfect and inspiring tool for doing so. This book helps English Language Learners understand common American idioms, so they can have a better grasp on every day phrases. It's a Breeze is definitely a book I would utilize in my classroom because it helps students interact with each other and it gets a conversation going."

 – Kris Noel, Amazon reviewer


A superb and delightful new idioms guide from the Chimayo team who brought us Compelling Conversations. Each accessible and concise chapter designates a single idiom and links it to others which are similar, creating clarity for ESL students while dispelling confusion. Well-chosen pictures show the literal derivation of figurative idioms, such as "learning the ropes," illustrating expressions and saving teachers a lot of awkward explanation of the often-elusive origins of popular idioms. The chapter structure helps to clarify individual idioms for the students and allows the teacher to adjust the length of lessons for a brief exploration or more lengthy immersion. The back of the book also provides a helpful glossary for students to match idioms in the book with other expressions. Fun, informative, highly recommended.

 – RSessions, Amazon reviewer


I taught high school and middle school English for 12 years, and spent eight of those years teaching overseas in Berlin, Istanbul, and Singapore. I wish I had had this wonderful book then! Idioms can be difficult for students to grasp, but It's A Breeze makes them fun, enjoyable, and easy to comprehend.

Each chapter in the book examines an idiom, and includes the usage and meaning of the idiom, along with a story to underscore comprehension, written vocabulary practice, and conversation prompts so students can sharpen their speaking skills.

It's A Breeze is a total package for educators or for students of English. It's a peach of a book!

 – R. Totten, Amazon reviewer

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